In the magnificent picture of the skincare world, Balsam, a treasure full of artistry, is like a unique magician who bestows endless nourishment and care to the skin. Let's go together to explore the magic of this skincare products, witness the youthful vitality of the skin, shining out of the eye-catching luster.

First, how to choose the right balsam

When choosing a balsam, it is vital to understand your skin type needs. According to personal preferences, choose the right balsam for yourself to achieve the best skin care results. Moisturizing balsams are suitable for dry skin, while antioxidant balsams provide more protection for the skin.

Second, tips on how to use balsam

Balsam is not recommended for facials, but it can be used in conjunction with other skincare products to harmonize and complement each other. After using the balsam, you may consider applying a serum or body lotion to further moisturize the skin and maintain moisture balance. This pairing not only helps to provide a long-lasting fragrance experience, but also helps to keep your skin healthy and comfortable, especially when it comes to body care.

Third, the beauty of the art of balsam

balsam, not only a skin care product, but also a symbol of beauty. In this beautiful world, balsam with its unique fragrance and moisturizing, for our skin to bring unparalleled care. Let's explore the artistic beauty of balsam together and pursue a more beautiful and confident self. This balsam combines a unique fragrance to give your skin a captivating aroma, as well as tanning and highlighting properties to help you create the perfect body highlighter and become a part of your own beauty. The balsam will be your right-hand man in your self-care and beauty routine, bringing you more beauty and confidence than ever before. Join us as we explore this world of beauty and makeup glamor.

BARRIO White Dreams balsam: Sparkling Fragrance, Splendid Highlighter

perfume balsam

In this season of enchantment, let's discover the BARRIO White Dream balsam, which combines a premium fragrance, a dazzling highlighter, and a moisturizing, soft body treatment. It is not only a mesmerizing fragrance, but also brings an unparalleled glow to your skin, like a dreamy journey of light and shadow.

Fragrance: Rural Ballad

Rural Ballad's aroma has a unique layered structure, divided into top, middle and base notes. top notes are infused with Hyacinth and Lilac, while Heart notes reveal floral notes of Lily of the valley, Jasmine, Wild rosehip, and Base notes contain a deep heart of White amber, Musk with a deep core. The layers of this fragrance are as rich and varied as the harmonious interplay of notes, leaving you with a fresh and sweet charm.

Fragrance: Noon Flower

At first sniff, the top notes of Bergamot and Tangerine exude a fresh and bright scent, as if a ray of sunshine. As time passes, Heart notes of White rose, Sunflower, Chamomile, Asparagus blossom, adding layers of floral notes to the fragrance, as if strolling between gardens. Finally, Base notes of Vanilla, White peach, White iris emerge, giving the fragrance a lasting depth and warmth.

Fragrance: White Ripple

At first sniff, the top notes of White Musk, CASCALONE Aquatic bring a fresh and pleasant sensation, like the breeze of the beach in the morning. As time passes, the floral middle notes of Orange blossom, Iris, Jasmine blossom, as if strolling through a garden, surrounded by floral scents. Finally, the Base notes of the fragrance exude the warm and long lasting scent of White sandalwood and Cream, as if falling asleep in a cozy embrace.

Fragrance: White Time

At first sniff, the fresh top notes of White rose and White wood create an atmosphere of purity, like a moment of morning light in a garden. As the scent evolves, the heart of Fir emerges, giving the fragrance a deep woody texture, as if walking through a quiet forest. Finally, the base notes of White musk, White birch, Vanilla root are gentle and long-lasting, like leaving a beautiful mark on a peaceful birch forest.

BARRIO WHITE DREAMS is more than just the ultimate scent, it is also your secret tool for parties, bars, dates and other fun occasions.

Sparkling like a diamond: it sparkles like a diamond, never misses a light, and makes you the "queen of the party" at parties and bars.

Expertly blended: the balsam contains unique "diamond" particles that give it a long-lasting, glamorous glow that acts like a filter to ensure you always look your best.

Moisturizing and translucent: it imparts radiance and softness to your skin, revealing its elegant beauty.

Portable and lightweight: It is easy to carry with you, so you can add fragrance and makeup at any time, so that you can always maintain your charm and be the center of attraction at parties and bars.

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