Winter is another colourful charm of BARRIO, as if it is a plain painting, hosting the serenity and peace of winter.


A winter maiden is as pure as snow and as transparent as ice crystals. BARRIO Winter Balsam captures this coldness and serenity, gentle, pure and unique ......


BARRIO winter balsam series, four unique scents, exudes purity and spirit. Carry it with you, like the winter sunshine on the body, warm and pure. Fragrance moment filled with the elegant smell, precipitation of time as if to become a beautiful picture.


This aroma is not only a flavour, but also our story. It refreshes the heart and draws us closer to each other.

In winter, BARRIO balsam is like a beam of warm light, injecting a touch of warm colour into the cold season. Let's enjoy this pure and unique winter fragrance together.


Rural Ballad

Top Notes: Hyacinth, Lilac

Middle Notes: Lily of the valley, Jasmine, Wild rosehip

Base Notes: White amber, Musk

At first, the nose is green, with the coolness of spring rain and the smell of wet earth, and then the smell of white flowers grows stronger, like a tree at the end of the road after a rainy day, the soft and fresh scent of flowers is blown away by the wind, and blossoms in the heart.


Over Hours

Top Notes: White rose, White wood

Middle Notes: Fir

Base Notes: White musk, White birch, Vanilla root

White rose with white wood aroma, natural and soothing, white wood spray on the girl's skin, will show a very natural milky aroma, like a soft and hard moderate milk sugar, sweet in the tongue, melt into the heart, let you feel more comfortable!


Noon Flower

Top Notes: Bergamot, Tangerine

Middle Notes: White rose, Sunflower, Chamomile, Asparagus

Base Notes: Vanilla, White peach, White iris

A white soft fragrance, the top note of bergamot rate is also a group, fresh but not overly sweet, white rose highlights the softness of the aroma, and finally the white iris makes the whole taste become full of tension, vibrant scent like overturning the colourful palette.


White Ripple

Top Notes: White musk, CASCALONE, Aquatic

Middle Notes: Orange blossom, Iris, Jasmine

Base Notes: White sandalwood, Cream

An aquatic and clear opening, white musk lingers on all notes, orange blossom is accompanied by jasmine and the healing warmth of cream, a sense of vitality and lightness is interpreted in the right way.


A splendid blend for the winter season

Balsam is a very versatile fragrance and can be layered with different balsams to create unique blends.

Over Hours & Rural Ballad

Over Hours is a scent that brings a sense of calmness with the passage of time, and when paired with Rural Ballad, it brings out the warmth and crispness of the white woods.

It is very interesting to see how it behaves on each person, some are very creamy, some are very woody, like white sunshine on the body, warm and pure, quietly settling in time.


Noon Flower & Rural Ballad

Noon Flower itself is a variety of white flowers as the core, with the use of Rural Ballad, can make Rural Ballad middle notes of white flowers more prominent, more rich, white roses and white iris own fragrance can be better set off Rural Ballad lily of the valley jasmine's purity of the delicate


White Ripple & Rural Ballad

CASCALONE is a fresh, water-based molecule at the heart of White Ripple, when combined with Rural Ballad, makes the top, middle and bottom notes of Rural Ballad even more hydrating, with a moist floral and fruity aroma that is natural and pure. White musk and CASCALONE work together to make this hydration last longer, like the light fragrance of juicy white flowers that lingers as softly as a lover's breath.


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