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Perfumer - Alexandre Freile
Alexandre Freile

Alexandre Freile grew up in France, close to Paris, surrounded by French perfumes and French food, and spending all his childhood holidays by the sea, the mountains and the countryside of France. He understood quickly that he was deeply attracted to scents and smells.

Paying increasing attention to his olfactive sense, he was mesmerized by the beauty of nature and its seasons. Blossoming flowers in spring in every garden: magnolia, honeysuckle, lilac, lily of the valley, rose… waiting for them to bloom one after the other until July! The smell of summer holidays when daylight never ends, when the sun is so intense it emphasizes the perfume of everything. Fall with its smells of mushroom, earth and moss, the humidity in the air and warm color of the trees creating a soft and romantic atmosphere. Finally, winter’s freezing nature wraps into wood fire smoke, comfortable warm bread with hot chocolate tonalities, and Christmas sweet candies scents.

All these smells related to Alexandre’s childhood triggered strong emotions and unforgettable memories that he wanted to bring to life again. Hence his decision to become a perfumer, to learn each and every secret behind scents and perfumes.

It has been a long and fascinating journey. Starting with the Perfumery School of Versailles, followed by an internship in Grasse, South of France. He then joined Firmenich in Geneva to learn the ‘metier’ with several mentors and master perfumers. He subsequently spent 7 years in Singapore, 4 years in Sao Paulo and he is now back in Asia.

Partner brands: Jequiti, Brocard

Perfumer - Steve Guo
Steve Guo

Robert's newest perfumer
Born in Beijing in 1982, Siliang Guo moved to France to become a perfumer after receiving a certificate in industrial design. After receiving his bachelor's degree in chemistry in Strasbourg (France), Steve went to Montpellier to continue his studies and received a master's degree as a fragrance and cosmetic engineer.

In 2013, he joined Robert China and graduated from Robert Grasse's School of Perfumery in 2016, where he won the International Fragrance Competition organized by the French Association of Perfumers and was awarded the International Fragrance Prize for his fragrance "Chypre 24"! (In April 2018, he joined the Robert Paris fragrance creation team.

Partner brands: L'OCCITANE, Roseonly, Scent Library, Chypre 24

Perfumer - Sidonie Lancesseur
Sidonie Lancesseur

Robert's newest perfumer
It was a Summer internship at Robertet in Grasse that gave birth to

Sidonie Lancesseur vocation. Her training at l’ISIPCA followed by additional experience at the large fragrance manufacturers (IFF, Givaudan) allowed her to become familiar with the mysteries of the trade. It was under the fine tutoring of Michel Almairac that she became a perfumer in 2006.

He shared his know-how and transmitted his taste for short formulas where each primary material has its purpose of being. She likes to find her inspiration in daily life and uses her open mindedness, perseverance and her constant doubts to create new fragrances. The diversity and the quality of Robertet’s natural raw materials fully satisfy her interest for it.

Partner brands: BOTTEGA VENETA, Chole, by Kilian, Mugler, Olfactive Studio

Perfumer - Florian Gallo

A new generation of perfumers at Finmayeur
I bring sensitivity and a keen understanding of culture to each of my creations.

Florian Gallo's love for perfume shows his energy and desire. As a child, he often went on vacation with his family to Grasse, where he discovered the world of perfume and became obsessed. Later, he attended courses at ISIPCA Versailles Perfume Academy and Robertet in Grasse.Florian also spent rich time in Argentina and England.

Today, Florian is working at the Creative Perfume Center in Shanghai. He was the first perfumer to be reassigned to China to experience the Chinese human environment first hand. He believes that "China is the most fascinating socio-cultural laboratory in the world today." He is passionate about the new technologies and ingredients that enable Fenmayi to offer rich perfume formulations, and sees artificial intelligence as a powerful tool that can make perfumes with greater precision.

In his spare time, Florian is a passionate chef who inherited hi spicy flavors from his mother of Armenian descent and has created a wide range of flavors from them.

Partner brands: BEAST, Tobali, Big Eve, Scentooze, Dearboyfriend

Perfumer - Fabrice Pellegrin
Fabrice Pellegrin

King of the Finmayeur niche
The spirit of Grasse runs in Fabrice's blood. His father was a perfumer. His grandmother was a jasmine lover and his grandfather was a supplier of natural ingredients for perfumes. For him, memories of Grasse are intertwined with images of olive and cypress trees, open spaces, warm sunshine, chirping cicadas, smiling friends and a stable life.Fabrice Pellegrin works closely with experienced professionals and in addition to his role as a creative perfumer, Fabrice is also involved in the development of Firmenich natural ingredients products. In the process, for 15 years, he has been splitting his time between the institutes in Paris and Grasse.

This generous and conscientious perfumer never hesitates to praise the merits of his students. He always wanted to pass on his mastery to future generations, and his eldest son is also a perfumer. He believed that perfumes are constantly being redesigned, rewritten and set. He loved interacting with his clients, many of whom were his biggest fans; one might even say he was their lucky star.

Partner brands: Diptyque, Jo Malone, Maison Margiela, Penhaligon's, by Kilian, L’ Artisan Parfumeur

Perfumer - Helen Yu
Helen Yu

IFF Greater PRC Perfumer
With more than 20 years of experience in perfumery, she is an expert in creating high-end and captivating fragrances. She loves to travel around the world and admire all kinds of architecture. In her opinion, fragrance and architecture have one thing in common, that is, they are both rich in structural beauty, worthy of slow taste and appreciation. She also likes nature, and she is fascinated by the fragrance of flowers. Living in Shanghai, a city of police, she has long felt the collision of western and music cultures, which also provides her with a constant source of inspiration for creating fragrances.

Partner brands: Me&City, Meidun, Lonkoom