Scent Articles

No Mans Land In Kashmir

There are as many as 7.7 billion people in this world

Watching you and TA every day

Long forgotten self

So more yearning for no man's land

The wind comes from the clouds

The heart goes to freedom

A sand is a world

People should be born free

This is the wilderness that only belongs to me

 no man's land in kashmir perfume

Pillow Morning

Every morning when it is light

The barren heart begins to empty

Caressing the texture of 36℃ skin

Lying into the slightly wrinkled white bed sheet

Looking at the white veil moved by the breeze

Time passes very slowly

Falling on the left chest

A mountainous sound in the heart

 pillow morning perfume

Sea Salt Bellflower

How long has it been since you blew the sea breeze

Because of the tedium of this life

The waves and gravel whispering

White gulls can't eavesdrop

Floating in the wind

The dusk is fading and only the night sea is visible

Think of things that don't matter

Shh, let's hide a little longer

Cross the sea of time slowly

Sea salt bellflower perfume 

Orange Sunset

It's sunset time again

Quietly watching the sunset approaching the horizon

The afterglow through the branches of the trees tells me that

It is now eight thirty-five minutes

I remember

Many years ago in Santorini

I was also sitting for a long time in this orange color

I feel like I'm back in time again

 orange sunset perfume

Rural Ballad

The leisurely life of the literati

It's really attractive to people

Bamboo as a window, pears as a courtyard

The melting moonlight and the sound of wind

Quietly disturbing a couch of music and books

The movement of half a wheel of autumn water

A few seats in the clear air

The mundane is far away from my heart

 Rural Ballad perfume


You came from the abyss or will come from the stars

No one knows

Only that heaven and earth are connected and chaos is within

Hunching your body, curling your arms

Letting your sense of smell eat away at you in the chase

Suddenly, an axe splits the world

The trees cast shadows

Breeze gusts

Everywhere spring is in full bloom

 chaos perfume

in the Air

On the ground

Longing to float lightly one day

Early summer night

Only the haze floats in the mid-air

But that doesn't stop the girls from enjoying this romantic solitude

With the quiet fragrance out of the trick

Can also make people confused

 in the air perfume

Stay True

The legendary pixie is a spiritual spirit

Two wings on the back

Lovely faces

Their life skill

Is to pander to the world

I don't do it

But also want to play a little temper with the time

To be a girl all my life

To protect my teenage heart

stay true perfume