In the summer, when small bags are the norm, portable perfumes and small pieces of balm have become a necessity
Small enough and light enough to fit in the smallest of bags
Wrist, behind the ear at any time to replenish the fragrance

Many perfumes have travel sets
BARRIO came out with a set of lambskin perfume balm, the texture is very good
Perfume 10ml capacity, slightly larger than lipstick, and can even fit into my pencil pouch
Especially like the balm, durable, creamy and light
Pulled out to make up the fragrance, friends thought it was chocolate
Open and a small mirror, really cute and practical

The fragrance is rich, the fragrance is clear and chic, very good versatility
Perfume and balm each pick two to say it!
Rural Ballad perfume, white packaging, the fragrance is indeed pure white
The fragrance opens with a watery and green pear fruit fragrance, then enters a clean mass of lily of the valley jasmine white flowers
The base notes are bridged with soft amber white musk, skin-friendly touch, very body fragrance atmosphere.

Sea Salt Bell Flower, this one is really interesting, from cool to warm
The salt fragrance is clear and blue, with the sweetness of woody vanilla
Sea water with a light salt fragrance, with a watery sweet tumbleweed in the middle section, full of coolness
Falling into the warm and sweet finish of vanilla sandalwood, the precise summary is "salty but sweet"

I like the two pieces of balm: red and orange.
One is beautiful, one is lively, both smell good

The red has a dense rose fragrance that touches the skin, wrapped in white flowers and musk, with a clean, powdery soap feel
The orange is an extraordinarily cheerful fruity blend, sweet and sweet
Like a piece of translucent fruit candy, carefree girly fragrance, as soon as you smell it, you are very happy

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