Twinkling in the starry sky has always been a source of contemplation, not only in the realm of science, but also as a source of inspiration for us. We are proud to introduce our Cosmos fragrance collection, an aromatic journey that takes you to a distant universe and immerses you in the wonders of the stars.


Cosmos: A Fragrant Journey


Our Cosmos fragrance collection is a whimsical aromatic journey, each bottle a unique expression of a planet, a galaxy. The collection includes a variety of fragrances, each representing a different element and inspiration in the universe. As we gaze into the vast expanse of the sky

Our eyes connect to the infinite universe

"What does the universe smell like?"

This question always comes to mind.

We spent 487 days

We made over 30 adjustments from over 120 scents.

From the vastness of the stars.

We finally captured this romance and imagination

We put it in a bottle.


Super Moon

The top notes of lemon and green leaves intertwine with Darjeeling tea to bring the coolness of moonlight; the middle notes of jasmine dance with the ocean, sweet and hydrating; and the coolness of the bottom notes fade away with the warmth of sandalwood and white musk, as if you were in the warmth of the universe.


Star Cluster

Top notes of grapefruit, bergamot and lime harmonize to create a dance of citrus; middle notes of neroli oil and jasmine add to the cleanliness and elegance; bottom notes of violet are blended with musk to finish with a powdery touch of iris, like stars across the sky and a river of stars rippling.


Rosette Nebula

The top notes of violet leaves and bergamot are soothing, like the first bloom of a nebula; the middle notes combine the softness of rose with the freshness of lily of the valley and the spiciness of pepper, a velvety tenderness that weaves itself into a nebula of roses in full bloom; and the long finish of ambergris, patchouli, and rich vanilla draws the mind back to the nebula's original form.


Solar Brilliance

The top notes of light jasmine and deep saffron, the middle notes of amber wood and ambergris unleash a gentle warmth that burns like the sun, while the warmth of cedar and fir lingers in the finish, bringing peace and tranquility after the heat of the moment.


Choose Your Cosmic Journey


The Cosmos collection offers you the opportunity to choose a fragrance for every mood and occasion. You can travel through the bright sun, roam the gardens of the universe, or plunge into the heart of a deep black hole - each bottle is a cosmic journey.


How to use Cosmos perfumes


Using Cosmos fragrances is a unique experience. You can spray the perfume at your pulse points (e.g. wrists, neck), or you can lightly spritz it on your hair or clothing and let the scent waft in the wind. In this way, you will feel the cosmos in any occasion.


The Cosmos collection of fragrances is an aromatic journey, a tribute to the universe. Each bottle represents a different element and emotion in the universe, bringing you a unique aromatic experience. Whether you seek the warm glow, the wonder of the cosmic garden, or the deep attraction of the universe, our cosmic collection of fragrances will fulfill your needs.


Welcome to travel through the universe and explore our cosmic collection of fragrances, making the scent journey a unique experience.

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