8 different fragrances!
There is always one for you!


Very light and elegant literary white floral fragrance ~
Give people a gentle and clean feeling
Like a young girl in a white shirt reading a book in the sun
The sweet smile at the corner of her mouth ~

Not as flamboyant as ordinary lemon, but very mild
The top note is lightly sweet with a hint of green
The integration of peach adds a sense of sweetness and
The floral notes neutralize the sweetness.
The back notes leave a woody fragrance that gives a long and soothing breeze.

This one is very lively ~ peach on earth!
The combination of sweet peach fruit and magnolia floral fragrance
Like a girl in love ~
This one is suitable for hanging out or dating spray Oh ~

This is a mystery by name! It's unpredictable
But also very temperamental wood tone for cool girls
It's great for guys too! It has a lot of personality
Especially the gentle cedar scent on the back note is fascinating

This only reminds me of the waves on the beach 🌊 lapping against the reef 🪨
slightly salty breeze blowing on the face ~
Quiet and quiet, you immediately fall in love with this one!
The smell becomes more natural as it goes on.
It's like a fragrance from the skin, soft and comfortable.

Like waking up from a weekend nap
The sun on your face
Stretching gently to feel the beauty of the moment
Gentle and clean and not disturb others ~
Enjoy the lazy weekend time alone

This one gives a very reassuring and steady feeling ~
Not an ordinary woody fragrance!
It's a woody 🪵 fragrance with some creamy notes!
The warmer it feels, the more you smell it, the more addictive it is!
Autumn and winter spray on the coat left a very layered fragrance

This one was a surprise!!!
It's different from the fresh citrus notes I've smelled before!
The first spray is a citrus 🍊 fragrance that hits you in the face
The first spray is a refreshing citrus 🍊 fragrance that slowly reveals a refreshing tea fragrance ~ can't help but get closer and smell it
The back notes are vaguely woody, very deep and layered

High-grade lambskin packaging ~
It is easy to carry around in your bag to replenish the fragrance
As a gift for others is also very suitable it
Hurry up and get it!


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