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Although you can feel the coolness in the morning and evening, but the sunshine during the day is still intense.
With little rain and dryness, I prefer to stay at home these days.
The daily music time is a short break from the hectic end of the month
The atmosphere of the slightly drawn blinds is just right, and a favorite song comes up on the list.
Of course, the familiar scent is also accelerating this quiet and relaxing
Music and fragrance meet, and the time spent at home seems to become more three-dimensional

Today's music pick is "Falling awake" by Gary Jules.
And the fragrance that accompanies me is from BARRIO's Lambskin Balm
The fragrance passed between several touches gradually faded out with body heat
The size is easy to put in the bag, but it also hides a small mirror.
One white and one nude are two different sensory experiences

In a mountainous area full of greenery and flowers, the air after the rain seems to be still vaporized.
The clean floral scent of lily of the valley jasmine is light and elegant.
The amber white musk on the end note makes the fragrance soft and calm.
An energetic and fruity blend
The sweetness of peach and the freshness of citrus are tempered by the warmth of sandalwood.
A vibrant and unpretentious fragrance as its name implies

Thanks to the brand for the sample fragrance
The home can also feel a return to the nature of the real

Thanks to @
OneYuri for sharing

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