The moist air nears the lips through the warm windows

Tiny raindrops wet every tree, every leaf

The body and the air seem to touch the rhythm of everything that grows

The scent that passes through the tip of my nose takes me to an olfactory utopia.


The scent of the seasons is from BARRIO

The Lambskin Balm collection can be taken anywhere.

It's as small as a wireless headset in your bag, and a small mirror is a great way to go out.



I would like to call it the peach of spring and summer, the sweetness of moisture

The sweet collision of magnolia fragrance and fruitiness

I feel like a lively girl bouncing on the grass.

Writing down the beauty of this passionate moment, the innocence and the roses

The gentle smell of magnolia and sandalwood has been left behind

The sweetness of the heart is very suitable for a girl in love for the first time.



At this moment, dreaming back to the dreamlike scenery of Jiangnan

I met the white moonlight of my first love around the corner The soft fragrance of jasmine flowers

is from the autumn and winter of the white flower fragrance enough light and introspective

It is the first choice of male fragrance, along with the greenery in the breeze and rain

The floral fragrance becomes particularly fresh and literary, not too strong

In the unconscious, a gentle and quiet back

Just a smile back in a flash is enough to capture the hearts of men

-The scent of flowers becomes more fresh and literary.

This is perhaps the invisible charm of smell

Unknowingly, the dream is linked to a thousand stories

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