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Summer spirit languid, it is floating on the hem of the skirt of a small fragment of flowers, is also a touch of green between the nose, or a white flower blooming in the distance.
Take advantage of the sunny summer days to go out and take pictures together.

Floral dresses with milk tea color summer, is the heart of the summer white moonlight.
Add a little more clean and gentle floral fragrance, it is a perfect summer day.
Recently, I really like the literary and gentle match of the dress and BARRIO Rural Ballad perfume, whether it's going out or going out for a photo shoot, it can create a summer romance all over the place.

BARRIO Rural Ballad is really a summer scent hidden in the bag.
The top note is the dynamic and clean scent of hyacinth and lilac, like a summer morning full of flowers, the middle note of lily of the valley, jasmine and wild rose hips of the gentle romantic sense of breaking the quiet sense of the morning, more enthusiasm, the second note of white amber and musk to make the fragrance more warm and mellow fragrance.

The whole fragrance is like a romantic poem about summer, full of the gentle taste of white flowers, and is the right summer scent in my head. So recently go out with it, lambskin texture senior delicate, 10 ml a in the bag, at any time to replenish the fragrance is very convenient ~.

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