This bottle is really my treasure perfume

🦦 My friends around me say this smell is very special and not the same as the perfume formula in the market

🌿 It's a niche brand perfume from Jiangsu, China called BARRIO

🪵I got the Sea Salt Bell Flower

The smell is super gentle

I like to spray it on my clothes in winter as if the Japanese hero is wearing a sweater and hugging me in the back hahahaha (boyfriend power max)

T: rosemary marine incense tangerine

M: violet leaf tumbleweed

D: benzine vanilla sandalwood

(the top note of the floral fragrance does not feel sweet at all, just the right amount of middle and bottom notes out very charming warm and calm)

I bought it as an eau de parfum, but it lasted 5.6 hours, probably because of the formula, and it felt great.

light fragrance and strong fragrance are available

🛍️ hope they can develop a little online purchase channel


I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get a good deal on this.

interested can first enter the test fragrance perfume blind jerk need to be careful ❤️


Still asking how to buy friends

Quickly click the link below to place an order!

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