Now also began to refine it, perfume with this small bottle out

It's so convenient that you can take it out anytime and anywhere.

BARRIO lambskin perfume is the second one to buy back, why so quickly

I have to tell a sad story. This liner is removable

I forgot to tighten the string after I opened it in a yawn, and a press ...... liner

fell on the ground and broke ...... then is the kind of stubbornness that must be used to make

I repurchased a second bottle of the same hair, the mood is much better.

BARRIO lambskin shell effectively protects the bottle, the inner perfume bottle part

can be replaced at any time, the bottom of the shell is painted with arrows, rotate to change the new very Convenient.

The shell is the texture of that lambskin, looking senior sense of full, feel

also superb. The flavor is my very favorite unisex fragrance, oriental woody tone

Long-lasting and not enchanting outwardly, firm with a little cool charming fragrance. The point is

The point is that the last bottle was broken after a room floating, so that I think this smell

better smell

Thank you @August half sister for sharing

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