Article contributed from: @DanNaiXiongMia

Thanks to the BARRIO brand pampering!

You can always trust the BARRIO family's products

Both in terms of value and quality!

Its new BARRIO lambskin perfume series is amazing!

I got the white version - Half Gesture

I really loved it when I got it

Creamy white leather with bright silver frame

Advanced and elegant!

The soft touch is also super healing!



Spray it on

Just spray it on and feel like you are walking in a sea of flowers

The clean breeze of the valley blows slowly

The fragrance of white flowers wafting through the air

Fresh and pure, very beautiful

Walking deeper with curiosity

It was like being swept into a sea of gentle jasmine flowers

It is a long time to forget

At the end of the sea of flowers, a musky fragrance comes from far away

Mysterious and charming~


T: hyacinth lilac

M: lily of the valley jasmine wild rose hip

D: white amber musk

Thanks @DanNaiXiongMia for sharing

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