Knowing that the typhoon is approaching
The weather in Xiamen these days is so dull that it is evaporating
I don't want to go out after staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time
In the afternoon, I can simply order a cold drink at home and read the new magazines

I like the blinds in my new home
The afternoon sunlight pours in through the leaves
With the fragrance of jasmine feel warm and healing

The perfume on the table is BARRIO's Rural Ballad.
When I first heard the name, it reminded me of Bai Juyi's half-verse poetry.
The white lambskin bottle is delicate to the touch
The top notes seem to be in a field of flowers, with lily of the valley and jasmine bushes strewn about.
blooming in a delicate meadow
The fragrance is a lush symphony
The end note is a touch of gentleness, which makes it easy to recall.

Thanks to the brand for the fragrance tasting experience
It's a great way to start the day

Thanks @immeilin for sharing

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