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I won't allow you not to know yet
This divine balm!
Compared to perfume
I prefer balm
Because the balm really lasts much longer than perfume

Every time I go out, I get asked
What do you put on that smells so good?
Here's the answer today
It is this BARRIO lambskin balm!

I use the "natural ballad" flavor
This is a clean and fresh white floral scent
Mixed with jasmine, lilac and hyacinth
Perfect for hot summer days
It brings a touch of freshness.
The cream is small
Easy to carry with you when you travel
There is also a small mirror inside
Not only can you touch up your makeup at any time
You can also put on a fragrance at the same time
How to use the balm:
Apply directly to the skin on the wrist
Behind the ear, on the collarbone
The scent is emitted by body heat
A perfect body scent

In addition, this balm does not contain alcohol
So you don't have to worry about allergies when you rub it on your body.
Because it does not contain alcohol, it does not evaporate easily.
The fragrance lasts longer than perfume
At night after the shower and then put some balm
Feel more sleepy
In the morning, you can still smell the fragrance on your wrist

Thanks @Mzizii for sharing!

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