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I have read my previous notes sisters are really my personal preference for cold fragrance and incense research is not deep but extremely like to try!

So I'm here to share with my sisters the niche perfume brand BARRIO that I recently dug up!

The lambskin packaging feels delicate and the simple Morandi color scheme directly adds full marks to the appearance! The slender little bottle is also easy to carry out the girls steam drop can not escape this high value small bottle such as myself hehehehehe

These bottles say the favorite that we must say a good deal about the "Rural Ballad"
The first time you smell it, you will have the feeling of a spring flowing through the mountains, elegant, clean and pure.

🌟 I usually apply the balm on my hands and then take a kick in the bag actually it's lasting quite well drops mainly because it can tay good-looking! I can't wait to take it out and spray it at any time ~ face-control sisters close your eyes to me into!

Thanks @XiaxiaOni for sharing

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